Progressive Alliances could have made the difference ….


Respect to Jeremy Corbyn. He played a blinder basically by not playing politics as usual and being able to present himself and manifesto unmediated by an anti-Corbyn press. The problem with the Labour Party both nationally and locally is that they refuse to co-operate with other parties in order to enlarge their intellectual and voting base by engaging in Progressive Alliances. Arrogantly they expect Greens and Lib Dems to forgo the opportunity to get their messages out to the public in deference to the need the Labour Party has to maximise its vote. When asked to stand down themselves in a few Council seats which would not affect their power on the borough Council, to allow other progressive Parties or candidates the chance to gain seats, they argued that the voters need to be given a choice. This does not seem to have upset too many UKIP voters in this recent election who weren’t given the chance to vote for their party in Telford. I’m sure they thought it a positive move not to oppose Brexit supporter Lucy Allan just as our supporters would have preferred not to stand against Kuldip whose Labour Party has recently moved closer to many of the Green Party’s policies.
So why on earth did the Labour Party not negotiate with Telford and Wrekin Green Party? It’s not as if they weren’t given notice of what could happen because, in the 2015 election the Telford and Wrekin Green Party was blamed for Labour losing to Tory Lucy Allan. I think it is inexcusable and shows a total disrespect for the 20,000 voters who thought that their local party would do everything in their powers to make their votes count and kick Lucy Allan out. It’s as if the Labour Party are playing analogue politics in the digital 21st Century when up and down the country Labour rejected co-operative deals where candidates holding progressive views could have got in. In fact Labour could probably have won an overall majority and be in government but because of this blinkered mentality we might have to endure up to five more years of austerity and continuous destruction of our NHS.

Pat McCarthy stands as a Green Party candidate. Here what I think…

Politics in this country is Pantomime for the masses and most politicians are mere self deluded actors.

Why? Because like all good pantos the actor’s job is to construct stories that have baddies princes and princesses that have fantastical tales of adventure and danger. These actors just like most our of our politicians are paid to tell us lies about the world that will frighten us enough to vote for their Party.
The Green Party will always treat you as adults

Leaving the EU.
Does mean that we can reset international agreements and obligations.
We are told or, as we see it, lied to, that this bring us more control. We see this as the Tories and their UKIP allies conspiring to undermine this nation’s sovereignty and handing it over for trade deals that benefit multinationals abroad. Instead of being in a 28 country trading group we are alone and comparatively small fry. With little leverage we are bound to get costly deals and the national legislation that protects us as consumers and protects public services will be torn up to get trade agreements.

You sound like a ‘remoaner’

No we actually see that there could be a positive outcome but only if we see the dangers of the present management of Brexit.
We need to be far more economically self reliant so that we can trade from a position of strength, so that we are shopping more and more from local producers and not having to buy items that have travelled half way across the world.

Is Europe all you’ve got to offer?
What the Green Party offers is a new way of thinking and politics putting your and your family’s needs before the needs of the wealthy. Up to half of existing jobs are predicted to disappear in the face of robotics and advances in technologies so it’s vital that we look at different models for the future. The Green Party’s new politics provides a universal income for everyone, out of the increased wealth generated by new technologies. Universal Basic Income is our alternative to investing in a failed banking system. We believe in investing in the people of this country not their tormentors.

The new economy needs to be decentralised giving you more say and control. Railways buses and utilities should be taken back into public ownership. We, the people of the Wrekin, need to be able to halt unsustainable development – Over 1,000 new homes are being built in the Wellington and Newport areas with roads and GP practices already unable to sustain the existing population.

Just look at the direction that we are travelling and ask ‘why don’t I join them?’
The Green Party believes that a truly world class nationalised Health Service can be achieved by putting the same proportion of our GDP into it as the French or Germans. The three party consensus to preserve local services helps disguise the crisis that exists in the local health economy. Wherever the cuts are delivered we all suffer. 2000 health jobs are to go and £150 million of cuts will mean all services not just the A&E will be affected. We need a political campaign that is up to the job not one that is about protecting Labour’s voting base.

The Tories are looking at cutting £3 billion from the education budget which the Green Party would reverse. The Green Party would abolish tuition fees, restore the education maintenance allowance and provide free universal early education and childcare.

We need to green wash our communities and economy. Did you know that the vast amount of investment – wind turbines, solar panels etc is imported? This must change. A national investment bank must be created to deliver hundreds of thousands new well paid jobs for this new economy.


This is one of the greatest panto myths forever told by the established parties. There’s always enough money for wars and vanity projects such as HS2 but not the sort of thing that is of benefit to ordinary people. We live in an obscenely unequal society and no political parties to date have the determination to take on those who often earn a 100 times as much as us. This is central to our mission in transforming our country.

What other Parties offer is the same old same old where global businesses are in control. We say really take your country back and make it great again.

Making the most out of a crisis…

Our Health provisions are in crisis but our corrupt politics carries on regardless. By corrupt I mean without principles and driven by cynical calculations. Up until it was made clear that the A&E and Women and Children’s services were being threatened at the PRH rather than the RSH the Labour Council in Telford were so relaxed that they even criticised Shropshire CCG for resisting the process of RSH losing it’s A&E. Now of course Shropshire politicians are quietly satisfied that PRH is to be downgraded even hypocritically complaining about the T&W Council leader for resisting. So, instead of these politicians uniting against the cuts that will affect the whole region’s health on the basis that irrespective of where you live the services will not be able to cope, the politicians are game playing to be seen to get the best deal for their constituents. It is the cuts in the region’s Health service not in a particular politician’s area that are causing people to die waiting on trolleys or in the back of queuing ambulances. Babies are dying because of inadequate care. People are living in acute pain whilst on ever extending waiting times. It’s getting to be impossible to get an appointment with any GP let alone one of your choice. The latest is this entirely bogus claim that Lucy Allan MP and the Chair of the local Tory party had saved the Woman and Children’s centre at the PRH (The future of our A&E has still to be decided upon and it’s future location will also determine the location of many of the services delivered by the Woman and Children’s department). This is fake news both to undermine Telford Council’s campaign to retain all the trauma assets both staffing and physical at Telford, and to give camouflage to the £150 million pounds and 2,000 staff cuts. We, the people of both Telford and Shropshire should resist these Austerity cuts in our hospitals, GP practices and social care. Its up to the people of Shropshire and Telford to save our Health Service and not to rely on vote grabbing politicians.

Citizen or Customer?

‘Our Customers’ says the senior commissioner for Adults with Learning Difficulties and my heart sinks. This re- categorisation of service users/people/adults as customers always seemed a fix that these public service providers used to de-humanise the people they serve. Only recently have I thought hard exactly why I had a beef with the use of this term. It gradually dawned on me that if you wished to reduce the public services you would have to take a leaf out of the private sector in managing demand and the first port of call is changing the lexicon within your profession. So instead of listening to them about their needs it is more cost effective to redefine those needs and what better way of doing this than considering a human being as a customer that you have to sell your produce or service to. The police and government have been told for decades that: we the public need more community policing on foot patrols, that we want to have our own named GP’s who are available the day that we make an appointment, that we have fully equipped and staffed nearby local hospitals that have no parking charges, that we have a cheap, efficient and effective public transport system especially in rural areas etc. As members of the public we expect to be listened to but as customers we expect to be sold to. The government have been selling its health cuts programme called Sustainability Transformation Plans to us the customer not us the voters. I’ve never heard of people demonstrating in support of the £100 billion Trident programme but I have heard a lot of politicians selling it as a product that we just must have. I have heard many politicians sell the lie – public bad private good, when the public and voters actually want a publicly owned railway service and publicly owned NHS. Let’s no longer listen to their publicity machines whose task is to persuade us that what they want is what we want. Customers get manipulated to buy goods and services they don’t need. People/Voters tell the bureaucrats and politicians what their needs are and what will happen if they’re not met.

Our Conservative world …

What characterises the conservative letter contributors that dominate your pages is their patent inability or refusal to match their strident positions with either research or personal experiences. Let’s take some of the popular conservative/reactionary triggers for their outrage. Immigration and the threat from Islam, always a popular subject matter of the political rightwing or any populist movement wanting to scare the electorate from their liberal complacency. It’s interesting isn’t it that most paranoid responses come from communities with the smallest proportion of ethnic populations and I believe this is because white people from diverse communities see with their own eyes that the scurrilous lies and the picture painted by the Conservative Government, UKIP, 70% of the press and near on 100% of the local press, on this subject are wrong.
For those who are not able to see this reality for themselves and rely on politicians and the media, the continuous repetition of ‘non facts and stories’ has created a warped perception of the reality of immigration and immigrants. For instance their readers and followers believe, after reading and hearing the hundreds of scare stories of millions of scrounging foreigners soon to be departing to our shores, that the proportion of Muslims in the UK is 4 times greater than the reality. Their readers think that the proportion of asylum seekers and refugees (who these writers show particular contempt for) out of all immigrants entering this country is 10 times the real numbers. These same commentators from much of the press and the Government never point out the fact that immigrants, because they come over to work and subsequently pay taxes, are 59% less likely to be receiving benefits and 57% less likely to live in social housing than native Britons.
I feel sorry for the millions of right wing peoples across the country who are basically good people whose perceptions of reality, like in pre-war Germany, have been perverted by a hateful reactionary media and political establishment. But I fear more for the victims of their irrational bile.

Telford and Wrekin Councillors – loves you, loves your votes …

Back Camera

Back Camera

Councillor Lee Carter must take more effort in trying to square the circle in describing his financial management of Telford and Wrekin’s budget. On 16 February we read that because of ‘the strength of (his) financial management’ the council had underspent by £3.1 million. Then by 23rd February we are told that Social Care is in crisis but nevertheless we can afford to hold down council tax to well below the maximum level that would invoke a referendum. So we have two profoundly heartless and cynical Carteresque decisions 1) to underspend when there is massive need being unmet especially in Social Care and 2) Deliberately hold down council tax which leads to further cuts next year, and in the future, in departments that aren’t even dealing with their statutory obligations to vulnerable people (but hey, vulnerable people rarely vote so nothing to worry about). Many of us thought that the latest changes in the Labour Party might steel this council’s resolve to fight these austerity cuts instead of making them worse – even deepest blue Surrey County council proposed a massive 15% hike in its council tax to mitigate the harm being done to their vulnerable adults and were maybe putting their conscience before their worries about losing votes. But you never know Lee, perhaps the electorate could be persuaded to put their hands in their pockets if it means that an elderly patient discharged from hospital can get washed and fed and adequately cared for. I know that would get my vote.

Global warming is NOT post truth


Its official – 2016 was the warmest year on record. Come to think of it I’ve heard this said before. Yes 15 out of 16 years since the year 2000 have had record busting world yearly temperatures bringing us ever closer to the 2% increase that will start an exponential uncontrollable spiral into environmental chaos. This at a time when we have a resurgent right wing in this country and the USA who state that its a made-up conspiracy. Remember these are the people who are adept at creating a post truth world where every attack on their credibility is drowned out by their preposterous lies – remember the 29 million Romanians and Bulgarian immigrant workers ready to embark at Dover or the £350 million extra for the NHS? Both were nothing but a hoax. NASA, (remember them – the people that got us the moon and back with their dodgy science?), announced the latest record in temperatures and stated that most of this year’s increase is down to human emitted carbon. Unfortunately we have Trump – someone who boasts about disliking book reading, preferring presumably to guess about these scientific phenomena – saying that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy to undermine the United States economy. In this country, the Tory right wingers and UKIP say it is a conspiracy of assorted vested interests. You know – that cabal of 98% of all scientists, do-gooders, lefties most of the world leaders meeting in pubs up and down the country hatching their diabolical schemes to get the great British public needlessly worried about their children’s future?
Do we really want to let the global corporations exploit our planet to the max for their profits? The giant tobacco industry, aided by the propaganda of right wing politicians, have been significantly slowed down by ‘do gooders’ in its bid to undermine world health. We have to ensure that the oil industry is similarly impeded for the sake of our planet and for our children’s future.