Politics UK

Ed_MilibandIf you always vote Labour ask yourself why? Is this man or his Party really going to re-jig society so that the interest of 90% of us come first? You know that’s not going to happen because the system and the establishment wouldn’t allow it, we only have to look at the conspiracies in 1968 and 1974 against the Wilson Governments by MI5 and the Army to know that beneath the velvet gloves of Western democracy there is ever waiting the titanium fist of right wing dictatorship. The Labour Party are part of the Establishment and the People understand that it is this establishment, forever advocating on behalf of the wealthy, that needs challenging.

We can see the ever increasing disenchantment with the established political parties but only the right wing have risen to the challenge. The Left and progressives need urgently to develop a new movement that can attract these disillusioned millions before UKIP, the EDL etc, beat them to it.


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