Progressive Alliances could have made the difference ….


Respect to Jeremy Corbyn. He played a blinder basically by not playing politics as usual and being able to present himself and manifesto unmediated by an anti-Corbyn press. The problem with the Labour Party both nationally and locally is that they refuse to co-operate with other parties in order to enlarge their intellectual and voting base by engaging in Progressive Alliances. Arrogantly they expect Greens and Lib Dems to forgo the opportunity to get their messages out to the public in deference to the need the Labour Party has to maximise its vote. When asked to stand down themselves in a few Council seats which would not affect their power on the borough Council, to allow other progressive Parties or candidates the chance to gain seats, they argued that the voters need to be given a choice. This does not seem to have upset too many UKIP voters in this recent election who weren’t given the chance to vote for their party in Telford. I’m sure they thought it a positive move not to oppose Brexit supporter Lucy Allan just as our supporters would have preferred not to stand against Kuldip whose Labour Party has recently moved closer to many of the Green Party’s policies.
So why on earth did the Labour Party not negotiate with Telford and Wrekin Green Party? It’s not as if they weren’t given notice of what could happen because, in the 2015 election the Telford and Wrekin Green Party was blamed for Labour losing to Tory Lucy Allan. I think it is inexcusable and shows a total disrespect for the 20,000 voters who thought that their local party would do everything in their powers to make their votes count and kick Lucy Allan out. It’s as if the Labour Party are playing analogue politics in the digital 21st Century when up and down the country Labour rejected co-operative deals where candidates holding progressive views could have got in. In fact Labour could probably have won an overall majority and be in government but because of this blinkered mentality we might have to endure up to five more years of austerity and continuous destruction of our NHS.


One thought on “Progressive Alliances could have made the difference ….

  1. I thought long and hard about this Pat and initially thought yes that would be a good idea especially as UKIP were stepping down to allow Lucy Allan to take their votes.
    But I think this time around Labour with Corbyn as its leader had to win this one clean and in its own right. Otherwise the comeback would be that Labour couldn’t have gained such an advantage on their own with Corbyn as leader and this would have weakened him as leader and the party in general .
    It also meant that the Labour party activists and volunteers had to get out there and campaign even harder. I’m not entirely sure that Labour would have galvanized as much as it did had they been partly relying on other parties.
    The other thing is that the Greens could have just said they were stepping aside in Telford without making any official deals.
    If it comes to another election I think it will be a different thing because the UK has to move on from this appalling government which has presided over the worst society and economy in decades, and Labour under Corbyn has proved itself now so is more able to make deals and alliances.
    I agree with you locally such an alliance would have made good sense if all other things had been equal. Personally I think it was a very noble offer and one which I wish, had national circumstances been different, that Labour could have accepted .
    So thank you Greens and I hope in a future alliance that Jeremy Corbyn will be prime minister, Caroline Lucas will be minister for the Environment and Kuldip Sahota will be MP for Telford.


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