Pat McCarthy stands as a Green Party candidate. Here what I think…

Politics in this country is Pantomime for the masses and most politicians are mere self deluded actors.

Why? Because like all good pantos the actor’s job is to construct stories that have baddies princes and princesses that have fantastical tales of adventure and danger. These actors just like most our of our politicians are paid to tell us lies about the world that will frighten us enough to vote for their Party.
The Green Party will always treat you as adults

Leaving the EU.
Does mean that we can reset international agreements and obligations.
We are told or, as we see it, lied to, that this bring us more control. We see this as the Tories and their UKIP allies conspiring to undermine this nation’s sovereignty and handing it over for trade deals that benefit multinationals abroad. Instead of being in a 28 country trading group we are alone and comparatively small fry. With little leverage we are bound to get costly deals and the national legislation that protects us as consumers and protects public services will be torn up to get trade agreements.

You sound like a ‘remoaner’

No we actually see that there could be a positive outcome but only if we see the dangers of the present management of Brexit.
We need to be far more economically self reliant so that we can trade from a position of strength, so that we are shopping more and more from local producers and not having to buy items that have travelled half way across the world.

Is Europe all you’ve got to offer?
What the Green Party offers is a new way of thinking and politics putting your and your family’s needs before the needs of the wealthy. Up to half of existing jobs are predicted to disappear in the face of robotics and advances in technologies so it’s vital that we look at different models for the future. The Green Party’s new politics provides a universal income for everyone, out of the increased wealth generated by new technologies. Universal Basic Income is our alternative to investing in a failed banking system. We believe in investing in the people of this country not their tormentors.

The new economy needs to be decentralised giving you more say and control. Railways buses and utilities should be taken back into public ownership. We, the people of the Wrekin, need to be able to halt unsustainable development – Over 1,000 new homes are being built in the Wellington and Newport areas with roads and GP practices already unable to sustain the existing population.

Just look at the direction that we are travelling and ask ‘why don’t I join them?’
The Green Party believes that a truly world class nationalised Health Service can be achieved by putting the same proportion of our GDP into it as the French or Germans. The three party consensus to preserve local services helps disguise the crisis that exists in the local health economy. Wherever the cuts are delivered we all suffer. 2000 health jobs are to go and £150 million of cuts will mean all services not just the A&E will be affected. We need a political campaign that is up to the job not one that is about protecting Labour’s voting base.

The Tories are looking at cutting £3 billion from the education budget which the Green Party would reverse. The Green Party would abolish tuition fees, restore the education maintenance allowance and provide free universal early education and childcare.

We need to green wash our communities and economy. Did you know that the vast amount of investment – wind turbines, solar panels etc is imported? This must change. A national investment bank must be created to deliver hundreds of thousands new well paid jobs for this new economy.


This is one of the greatest panto myths forever told by the established parties. There’s always enough money for wars and vanity projects such as HS2 but not the sort of thing that is of benefit to ordinary people. We live in an obscenely unequal society and no political parties to date have the determination to take on those who often earn a 100 times as much as us. This is central to our mission in transforming our country.

What other Parties offer is the same old same old where global businesses are in control. We say really take your country back and make it great again.


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