Making the most out of a crisis…

Our Health provisions are in crisis but our corrupt politics carries on regardless. By corrupt I mean without principles and driven by cynical calculations. Up until it was made clear that the A&E and Women and Children’s services were being threatened at the PRH rather than the RSH the Labour Council in Telford were so relaxed that they even criticised Shropshire CCG for resisting the process of RSH losing it’s A&E. Now of course Shropshire politicians are quietly satisfied that PRH is to be downgraded even hypocritically complaining about the T&W Council leader for resisting. So, instead of these politicians uniting against the cuts that will affect the whole region’s health on the basis that irrespective of where you live the services will not be able to cope, the politicians are game playing to be seen to get the best deal for their constituents. It is the cuts in the region’s Health service not in a particular politician’s area that are causing people to die waiting on trolleys or in the back of queuing ambulances. Babies are dying because of inadequate care. People are living in acute pain whilst on ever extending waiting times. It’s getting to be impossible to get an appointment with any GP let alone one of your choice. The latest is this entirely bogus claim that Lucy Allan MP and the Chair of the local Tory party had saved the Woman and Children’s centre at the PRH (The future of our A&E has still to be decided upon and it’s future location will also determine the location of many of the services delivered by the Woman and Children’s department). This is fake news both to undermine Telford Council’s campaign to retain all the trauma assets both staffing and physical at Telford, and to give camouflage to the £150 million pounds and 2,000 staff cuts. We, the people of both Telford and Shropshire should resist these Austerity cuts in our hospitals, GP practices and social care. Its up to the people of Shropshire and Telford to save our Health Service and not to rely on vote grabbing politicians.


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