Our Conservative world …

What characterises the conservative letter contributors that dominate your pages is their patent inability or refusal to match their strident positions with either research or personal experiences. Let’s take some of the popular conservative/reactionary triggers for their outrage. Immigration and the threat from Islam, always a popular subject matter of the political rightwing or any populist movement wanting to scare the electorate from their liberal complacency. It’s interesting isn’t it that most paranoid responses come from communities with the smallest proportion of ethnic populations and I believe this is because white people from diverse communities see with their own eyes that the scurrilous lies and the picture painted by the Conservative Government, UKIP, 70% of the press and near on 100% of the local press, on this subject are wrong.
For those who are not able to see this reality for themselves and rely on politicians and the media, the continuous repetition of ‘non facts and stories’ has created a warped perception of the reality of immigration and immigrants. For instance their readers and followers believe, after reading and hearing the hundreds of scare stories of millions of scrounging foreigners soon to be departing to our shores, that the proportion of Muslims in the UK is 4 times greater than the reality. Their readers think that the proportion of asylum seekers and refugees (who these writers show particular contempt for) out of all immigrants entering this country is 10 times the real numbers. These same commentators from much of the press and the Government never point out the fact that immigrants, because they come over to work and subsequently pay taxes, are 59% less likely to be receiving benefits and 57% less likely to live in social housing than native Britons.
I feel sorry for the millions of right wing peoples across the country who are basically good people whose perceptions of reality, like in pre-war Germany, have been perverted by a hateful reactionary media and political establishment. But I fear more for the victims of their irrational bile.


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