Global warming is NOT post truth


Its official – 2016 was the warmest year on record. Come to think of it I’ve heard this said before. Yes 15 out of 16 years since the year 2000 have had record busting world yearly temperatures bringing us ever closer to the 2% increase that will start an exponential uncontrollable spiral into environmental chaos. This at a time when we have a resurgent right wing in this country and the USA who state that its a made-up conspiracy. Remember these are the people who are adept at creating a post truth world where every attack on their credibility is drowned out by their preposterous lies – remember the 29 million Romanians and Bulgarian immigrant workers ready to embark at Dover or the £350 million extra for the NHS? Both were nothing but a hoax. NASA, (remember them – the people that got us the moon and back with their dodgy science?), announced the latest record in temperatures and stated that most of this year’s increase is down to human emitted carbon. Unfortunately we have Trump – someone who boasts about disliking book reading, preferring presumably to guess about these scientific phenomena – saying that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy to undermine the United States economy. In this country, the Tory right wingers and UKIP say it is a conspiracy of assorted vested interests. You know – that cabal of 98% of all scientists, do-gooders, lefties most of the world leaders meeting in pubs up and down the country hatching their diabolical schemes to get the great British public needlessly worried about their children’s future?
Do we really want to let the global corporations exploit our planet to the max for their profits? The giant tobacco industry, aided by the propaganda of right wing politicians, have been significantly slowed down by ‘do gooders’ in its bid to undermine world health. We have to ensure that the oil industry is similarly impeded for the sake of our planet and for our children’s future.


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