Crisis! what crisis………..


The National Health funding emergency is overwhelming local provision as much as it is nationally. Yet, as your front page article stated, Hospital bosses are telling us to ‘calm down dear’ as yet another health provision is axed. The Malling walk-in doctors surgery and those 8000 patients living in the Wellington area are going to have to sign on with other surgeries. These maybe miles away as I understand that at least one of the local surgeries is refusing to take any of the Malling Health patients.Yes the Malling was meant primarily to reduce the numbers who would normally attend the A&E but it had to take on a flood of patients wanting to leave Wellington Medical Practice – a practice which is still failing patients. I rang this practice 152 times the other day only to fail to get an appointment for my mother who was poorly. Several weeks ago my wife resorted to walking to the Practice after wasting one and a half hours getting nowhere on the phone. She was told that despite the best endeavours of the staff, the phone system was indeed failing to cope with the demands of the 21000 patients Wellington has on its books and that anyone needing a doctor’s attention that day should now go to the Malling walk in centre!
We in the Green Party believe that there is a failure to acknowledge that our health provision is in melt down. Future Fit and the consolidation of services within the Shropshire region even in its flawed original conception was conditional on the fact that we had expanding primary local care and preventative services which would – they claim, lead to reduced need for hospital care and emergency services. Rehabilitation services and GP centres are closing, waiting time for planned care and emergency admissions are rising and we are told that cuts in bed numbers and reduced staffing is the answer.
The reality is that our region has been asked to contribute to the government’s £22 billion health cuts and Future Fit and our Sustainability Transformation Plan is our local health bosses reply – all at our expense. The 5 Conservative MPs should resign rather than represent a government that would do this to us.


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