It seems to me that all our representatives, whatever their political brand or at what ever level, local or national have all given in to the plans to reduce our level of health care. But being politicians they will fight to their last breath to make sure those cuts enshrined in Future Fit and the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) are felt more in any other constituency rather than theirs, thus protecting their own voting base. This means we cannot rely on them to save us from the objectives of these health remodelling schemes decimating our hospitals, rural care and social care. If the cuts in staff numbers are in any way close to the two thousand rumoured then I believe one of the hospitals will close. None of these politicians will admit that this is part of the Austerity strategy and that whatever the model and whoever ‘gets’ the A&E we will all suffer. If for instance the A&E remained at the PRH it would be overrun and have insufficient staff and beds to cope. If this were to be the case all planned Care would be moved to Shrewsbury meaning that all Telford patients and visitors would have to journey to Shrewsbury’s overrun and understaffed wards. The only demand that make sense is that there should be no cuts to our health budget and that the NHS should get money appropriate to our needs. Our two conservative MP’s should resign in protest against these cuts as Zac Goldsmith did when he realised that his Government were reneging over promises over a third runway at Heathrow. The prospect of Tory MPs up and down the country resigning and forcing by-elections over these STPs would surely change the Government’s attitude to health cuts. Votes count, lives don’t.


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