77bf7457-ea1d-42d9-845d-bc43a92a3304-701-0000018f1b8cb450_tmp                                                                     Damian Green MP

Damian Green, the Governments Works and pension Secretary recently announced how he was ‘very excited’ by the substantial increase of ‘gig jobs’ i.e jobs with no stable hours, holiday pay, sick pay or pensions. This a very rich illustration of the thought processes of this Tory Government. He and his cabinet colleagues show their obscene pleasure in all the social and economic forces that are causing so much pain for the majority, but joy for the 1% who own half of the worlds wealth; at the same time pretending that these are natural forces are not conditioned by government sponsored anti-trade union legislation and laws dedicated to reducing the rights employees have in the work place. This promotion of profits at our expense will be exacerbated by the implementation of Brexit because what their EU bureaucrats did achieve European wide protection of collective bargaining, the promotion of pay equality and anti-discrimination, and rules on job security.
The callous pursuit of riches for the wealthy at our expense has major social costs. Just one example of this is the fact that, between 2011-14, 2,380 peoples died shortly after being declared fit for work, as depicted in the film ‘I Daniel Blake’. The threat of benefits sanctioning or working when they are either mentally of physically unable (in some instance the terminally ill) , leads many to suicide. I think it is high time that politicians who commit these social crimes should suffer the consequence in the same way war criminals do. Is there really that much difference between a politician who knowingly puts profits or their political careers before our health and consequently causing unnecessary deaths, and a war load who knowingly destroys a village that’s in his way?
The politicians know their policies lead to burgeoning mental and physical health problems, inequality, poverty and massively reduced public services. If some of them did jail time for these social crimes they would think twice about their personal responsibilities to society. They have a duty to us the electorate not just the 1% who own most of the wealth and can look after themselves.


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