Is this a lesson in how to lose our NHS ……


Three years ago, when Future Fit was being rolled out the Defend Our NHS group were already saying that the true mission of Future Fit was to reduce costs even at a time when the programme was offering massive increases in other services to offset the consolidation of A&Es (three years on these added services have melted away). Shaun Davies et al only started to show real concern when the remaining A&E seemed to be destined to be in Shrewsbury and the Telford electorate might blame them for their inpotency. Throughout our campaigning we have insisted that this is an an attack on the whole region’s health economy and that consolidation of A&E’s, Planned Care etc is going to be accompanied by cuts in capacity and beds which will mean that whether the A&E is retained in Telford or Shrewsbury we all lose. We now see the consequence of their ‘vote winning Telford First’ campaign as he and the twoTelford Tory MP’s join with the three Shropshire Tory MP’s to fight over the remnants of what’s left of our health provision. These politicians fighting over whose A&E should be closed is sickening.

I demand that Shaun and the others wipe their crocodile tears and develop a political plan that threatens all five sitting Tory MPs for the region. Whichever Party is the biggest threat to these MPs should threaten to run a pro NHS/No Cuts campaign against the sitting Tory MP with other candidates stepping aside. The thought of losing up to five seats in the next general election will change Jeremy Hunt’s mind about destroying our NHS.


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