No more heroes …….


Should Labour Councils consider themselves prisoners of war? During World War 2 British POWs were obliged by their captors to administer their own prison regime. In the year’s following the financial crash in 2008 Labour Councils have been forced to administer Tory Austerity measures. The difference between our brave soldiers in the Second World War and Labour Councils is that the former never forgot who they were and saw it as their duty to escape and continue the fight against their oppressors whereas Labour Councillors seem to feel very at home and comfortable administering debilitating cuts. Cuts that have diminished some adults with learning difficulties lives to just staring at 4 blank walls as they are forced to do without day services and community transport. Instead of joining with other Labour Councils to fight against these injustices they hide and, ignoring the pain that they are dealing out on behalf of their Tory masters, just repackage cuts as savings or efficiency schemes. The community demand that their representatives don’t remain silent about the damage and pain caused by these cuts and that they remember that they have a duty to organise and fight against their enemy’s ideologically driven Austerity programme. If they can’t do that then there are plenty who are prepared to take that challenge on.


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