Corbyn to walk the walk? ….

It’s fascinating reading and listening to those that justify their desperate desire for political power by
destroying the chances that their party’s democratically elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has to transform our country to one that the founders of the Labour Party could be proud of rather than one Margaret Thatcher would be proud of. There is a real and, to my mind, logical symmetry to his politics and policy objectives that leave his competitor in the re-run leadership race dumbfounded. Owen Smith Pfizer lobbyist, who justified charging third world counties life saving drugs at prices that only the rich could afford. He was a supporter of tuition fee increase, school Academies and Trident so claims that he isn’t an establishment figure just doesn’t ring true. Only Corbyn’s record shows this to be the case. Just like the phoney Brexit campaign relying on medieval folk like arguments ‘this country will be blighted by swarms of dusky skinned foreigners followed by locust and Euro moths’, kind, gentle, Jeremy Corbyn has been compared to an east-end thug bent on giving everyone that contradicts him a good slap. Whereas all he is doing is what the hundreds of thousand Labour supporters have asked of him which is to be principled and consistent with his set of socialist beliefs. For instance how can a genuine socialist allow the expenditure of £250 + billion over 30 years for the Trident submarine deterrent that many in the military think is a complete waste of money to compete for public expenditure against our crumbling NHS? Owen Smith is full of old ‘New Labour’ talk hopefully leaving socialist Corbyn to walk the walk.


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