Be careful of what you wish for. Corbynites a strong leader…

Isn’t it amazing that the latest attack on Corbyn by the right in the Labour Movement is that he is not up to scratch as a leader – but wouldn’t they just hate it if he was. Of course leadership takes many forms and probably the type he expresses which is thoughtful and principled is out of sync with the political classes manual of ‘how to manipulate the political narrative’.Throughout Corbyn’s brief tenure as the Labour Party’s leader he has proffered the prospect of new politics, the chief characteristics of which seem to be of compromise and cooperation. When he could have stood up to the Blarites attack on Momentum he and his supporters gave in to the ludicrous right-wing scare that it represents nothing less than a springboard to Trotskyist infiltrators (a lie on par with 78million Turks about to board trains to the UK). A broad left campaigning grouping taking the fight to the Tories involving thousands in non sectarian actions would truly differentiate Corbyn’s politics from the old.

Being on the back foot and not setting the political agenda, excepting his initial promise during the leadership elections, has characterised Corbyn’s predicament and the longer he goes on conceding, the weaker his position becomes. He needs to remember that he needs to bring his supporters with him in explaining strategies and options so that we can argue positively with those that this stalemate advantages no one. He also needs to remember that these treacherous MP’s (who are part of the problem not the solution) can be forced to undergo a deselection process the Membership can’t!.

Capitalism has fewer and fewer solutions to it’s own dysfunctional contradictions. Corbyn represents a yearning from the Labour Movement for socialist solutions in creating a fair and equitable new world. He and we need to fight for this to happen.

George Monbiot writes on a similar theme:


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