Shropshire CCG vote to progress with ‘Future Fit’ Health cuts ..


Today (Wednesday 29th June) came back from Shirehall, Shrewsbury where the Shropshire CCG had an emergency (last minute) 11.00am meeting (amazingly there were about 80 of us concerned residents from all over the region) The meeting’s purpose was to get the CCG to over turn their previous rejection of the Strategic Outline Case for the Future Fit Austerity cuts. After a rowdy meeting, where once again Gill George from Shropshire Defend Our NHS gave a barn storming performance, that should have moved anyone to utterly reject this concoction of dangerous untruths, Shropshire CCG signed off this document, effectively paving the way for the closure of one of our A&Es. It felt like the pre-EU Referendum period when we were all told that all these experts in economics were wrong and that everything will be rosy when ‘we get our country back.’ Nuf said. I was amazed to see clinicians who all know that at present our local Heath service is barely coping, seemingly believing that things will improve whilst having to cope with a £120 million government cuts programme. It gives a whole new definition to the phrase ‘wishful thinking’.

The below link gives evidence for what happens when a A&E provision closes and the disastrous consequences that befalls the next closest to it:


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