Brexit – Is the last laugh on us all…

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Brexit – what a wonderful con that was. Every day that preceded the referendum there were more ludicrous claims about the future that lay ahead in Europe. From killer Euro bugs to 78 million Turks about to embark on the journey to a Britain with streets paved with gold. Leaving Europe is meant to lead to the rescue of our NHS with a £350 million a week rebate, to more social housing, to more and higher paid jobs and to more places in our schools. Please tell me Brexiteers – when this predicted future comes to nothing and our schools and hospitals become even more crisis ridden and the only jobs available to our young are zero hour, minimum pay, and it’s still impossible to get on the waiting list, who are you going to blame next?
We have a real opportunity to deal with this outpouring of rage from those who have been effectively diverted from the real culprits of decline. We need strong trade unions and more investment in our public services to get back the feeling that has evaporated over the decades of Conservative and New Labour. A new alignment on the left with Corbynites – Greens, Welsh and Scottish Nationalists and any other Parties that express an anti – Austerity message is essential to deal with this righteous rage.


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