#PRH4me pointless and divisive…

PRH4me is a Council campaign that gains favour (for the Council) but has no substance. Worse than this it divides communities and follows and supports the reasoning of our Government appointed NHS bosses. When will our Council get up from its knees to properly promote our health needs? When we have the Royal College of Emergency Medicine saying how dangerous reducing A&E facilities in our region is. When our Shropshire Star writes in their editorial that it would be ‘mad’ to close either A&E’s? What is it that these two organisations know that our Council representatives don’t? Well I would guess (given I’ve only seen two Telford and Wrekin councillors at one meeting, out of the dozen or so Future Fit discussions I have been present at) they don’t know much. Future Fit originally was a complete remodelling of local Heath provision with 5 additional rural Urgent Care Centres and expansion of primary care which was meant to lead to up to an 80% reduction on A&E admissions. There is now no money to finance additional Urgent Care Centres and Primary Care is being squeezed further (trying to get an appointment to see your local GP is getting harder each day) so if anything the two A&Es are going to have to expand their capacity to meet our communities’ need. But “Hang on” I hear you say, “Where are our Councillors and MP’s?” Well they are busy working on the frankly pointless petitioning campaign to enlighten our local NHS bosses to the fact that we love our PRH. Well that’s a given, what we need is a united campaign that succeeds in making a ‘Future Fit’ that expands services rather than a programme of catastrophic cuts which will lead to avoidable deaths.


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