Who side are they really on …

What’s the difference between a Conservative lead Council and our Labour lead one? The rhetoric is similar as they both, for instance, shed huge crocodile tears about protecting the services of vulnerable adults. In practice neither care because vulnerable adults are less likely to vote. But they have calculated that people who do vote care more about potholes and libraries. So little is said about cuts in day service provisions and access but loads on Libraries and our roads. Of course all should be afforded but our sick and vulnerable should be given priority.
I can give two examples of how the Council are working hand in hand with a Government who are desperately concealing the devastating effects of their self defeating Austerity policies. I was contacted by a local resident whose mother, who has dementia, had recently left hospital after being treated for a debilitating injury. She left the PRH without a care plan under the unspoken assumption that her son who wasn’t living with her, and has chronic health problems, would provide a constant monitoring service and administrate her multiple bottles of tablets at different times during the day. I had to make several telephone calls to get a social worker to visit her and arrange the necessary support. Social care is in crisis but would you might not know it unless you have an elderly relative who is stuck in hospital because the Council have no funds to provide a bed in a care home, or who has been sent out of the hospital in the hope that there is someone to care for them.
The second example is an elderly disabled resident I know who has been informed, after a ‘reassessment’ of his needs, that he is likely to lose £8,000 per year of support he has enjoyed for much of his adult life. This could mean that instead of going to day services which he loves he will be spending 3 or 4 days doing nothing. This will devastate him and vastly diminish his quality of life.
It seems that the councillors who preside over these cuts don’t have a very high opinion of you the electorate. They are convinced that you are deeply self interested and couldn’t care less about the plight of the vulnerable in our community. In a time of Austerity, they crow about our relatively low council rates always fearful of rejection by you the electorate if they were to spend your money on those who really need it the most. Why not have faith in people’s generosity? Why not explain the consequences of one of the lowest council tax rates in the region? The answer seems to be that they don’t care enough to risk not being re-elected.


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