#PRH4Me a heart warming campaign or Council leaders playing politics with our health?

There are no winners if we lose an A&E

£100,000 of your taxes is being spent on trying to persuade you that your health provision will be protected by axing Shrewbury’s A&E. This is untrue.

Our Councillors and MP’s are playing politics with our health. They are asking the electorate to support their call to ‘save the Princess Royal A&E’ at the expense of Shrewsbury’s emergency provision. This is based on the misguided belief that denying the people of Shrewsbury and Powys access to local emergency services will benefit Telford. This would be despicably callous in itself from politicans who claim to support a NATIONAL Health Service rather than one where provision is based upon a post-code lottery. In reality a single A&E sited at Telford’s PRH would be overwhelmed by the extra patients from across the region. If this comes to pass it will become common place to see patients being treated in corridors if not in the ambulances that brought them there and patients from Telford will die unnecessarily. Recent research into the effects of an A&E ‘remodelling’ in the Nottingham area found that there were 50 additional deaths caused after an A&E was closed, source : http://goo.gl/2ypPfw.


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