Future Fit not fit for purpose…

Recently three local doctors writing in the ‘Future Fit’ blog, using the example of strokes and heart attacks, have described how longer travelling times to A&E’s no longer give poor health outcomes.This they say is because paramedics can now deliver stabilising clot busting drugs at first contact with patients. I wish this was the truth but the reality is (and this is National Guidance for effective treatment for both strokes and heart attacks) any patient has to be assessed at a hospital to ascertain where the clot is lodged. Giving anti clotting drugs to someone with a clot in the brain for example, may well kill them, and no paramedic will know for sure where the clot has been logged without a brain scan. Similarly heart attacks are better treated these days with a hospital procedure called primary angioplasty rather than with drugs. We the ordinary public, those of us that can’t afford private health, are the collateral damage of this war on the public services. We have been told that at a time of increasing demand our NHS has to make £20 billion of cuts which if implemented will cause a permanent crisis in service delivery.at the same time, Trident nuclear submarines and war heads, which no one seriously believes should ever be used, at a total long term cost of £169 billion are deemed as essential to our well being. These are the choices that are being made by your elected representatives. To give in to ‘Future Fit’ is to agree that there is no other choice and this is a lie.


One thought on “Future Fit not fit for purpose…

  1. I can remember rushing down the M54 to Shrewsbury after a ambulance that contained my daughter … the longest 15 minutes of my life. The very idea that a area the size of Telford & Wrekin could have no A&E scares me.

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