A useful weapon this consultation milarky …

Why is it that politicians think they can get away with almost anything as long as there has been consultation? It’s as if it’s somehow legitimate to do really harmful things to a person as long as that person has been give choice over the instruments used to inflict the pain. The cuts in NHS provision under the guise of the Future Fit programme will sometime this year be going out to consultation so,as we have all been consulted, we needn’t worry that more of us will die needlessly in hospital corridors. In much the same way Telford and Wrekin consults when having to make “difficult decisions” on Council tax rates and the recent budget cuts.
The trouble is that it’s a fix. With the Future Fit programme the commissioners know that if the public were really given a choice over ‘their NHS’ they would opt for both A&Es to be retained along with implementing some of the improvements that it’s promoters were offering two years ago but have recently been silent about. T&W Council are playing the same game. They tell us that we have a choice as long as we choose cuts. You would have thought that, now we have a Labour Council, they would fight against the Government’s Austerity measures, but when asked to jump they merely ask “How high?”. Have they really looked at the ‘Non Cuts” options? I don’t think so. Here are 2 that should be put to the people for deliberation: 1)This council will be £161 million in debt in order to invest in projects that they say will provide revenues for future budgets like the solar farm, so why not invest in our existing service and pay for the 30 million out of additional loans? 2) Why not off load the services that are due for these cuts onto the larger Parish and Town Councils which are often in a better position to run them than a more distant Authority? The con is, that both the Future Fit team and the Council say there is no alternative to their plans and this is a lie.


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