Myth Makers …

What is the difference between a Tory or Labour run council? Both talk about us as consumer objects or ‘customers’ rather than people. Both use the same reactionary values to explain the rationale behind their cuts or, in council speak, ‘savings’. It is generally understood that it is this political establishment, media and press that have conditioned the public to believe that it is immigration and benefit claimants that have undermined our prosperity. Hence the public routinely believe that there is 34 times as much benefit fraudulently claimed than official estimates and that there are nearly 5 times as many Muslims in England and Wales than there actually are.
This brings me onto a local servant to the the myth making establishment – the Telford and Wrekin Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for Council finance. In a recent newspaper article, he justifies swingeing cuts in housing benefits administered by the Council by using the patronising language the Tories use to hide their hatred for the poor, saying that such cuts will stop these people becoming dependent on benefits. The reality is that the vast majority of claimants would give their eye teeth to get worthwhile work. But it’s always easier to follow the line of least resistance than to challenge commonly held myths.


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