Seething again …


What a waste – £100,000 to promote the Labour Party. For that is the game play of our unprincipled Council.
The Future Fit programme when first pronounced included numerous additions like urgent care centres and local hubs that were all un-costed and uncertain but included to compensate for the encroaching devastating cuts. What is certain now is that: 1) There will be a massive reduction in total hospital beds in the two hospitals from 835 now to about 450. 2) With examples of Stoke and Manchester Infirmary as guides, even if Telford retains its A&E we will be overwhelmed by the numbers coming to use our service and the massive increase in the time that patients have to wait before they see a doctor. 3) Lengthened ambulance journeys longer waits for treatment will increase morbidity rate. 4) The inconvenience and cost for relatives and friends wishing to give support and love to patients will be considerable and it is common sense that visitors aid the recovery process.
So in short the Future Fit programme will mean that there are no winners wherever the A&E is retained and that this programme is not driven by patient need but by cost. I have spoken to a senior cabinet member who agreed that this was a cost reduction exercise. Why oh why does this council not join others in demanding that both hospitals’ A&E services be retained instead of wasting council tax payers’ money to try to get some political capital out of campaigning to keep an A&E for Telford only? This political strategy will bring forward a crisis in Telford NHS services and longer and more dangerous ambulance journeys for Shropshire and Powys patients.
This Labour Council are accepting that we should pay for the greed of our financial sector so that Tory cuts have to be made at our expense. Surely they have heard of the saying ‘united we stand divided we falls’


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