Momentum – could do better…

Last night we had a meeting of Telford Momentum supporters most of whom came from other political parties, the local Green Party, of which I am a member, being the most prominent. We were all shocked by the comments made by Momentum’s National Organiser Paul Klug and others in the Momentum leadership, towards the hundreds of non Labour Party socialists who have been convinced by the rhetoric that Momentum would represent a new way of doing politics. Most of us have been fed up with the self defeating old politics of sectarianism. Unfortunately the nicer new politics with its emphasis on consensus has only been applied to Labour’s rightwing establishment. Almost from the beginning of Corbyn’s reign as Labour Leader (see Poppy and National Anthem spats) compromise and appeasement with the establishment has been the order of the day. Just as New Labour swallowed the Austerity myth to appease the Establishment it now seems that entryism is the new myth that menaces the Labour Party and you are now complicit in conceding on this completely bogus and illogical point.

Militant was an organisation that, by design, was parasitical and deceitful, not that there weren’t right wing factions acting in a similar way.

Most of the feared Parties are not saying to their members that they should either have dual memberships or are dissolving themselves to emerge as freshly minted new Labour Party members. As non Labour Party members they have no say in internal Labour Policies just as you won’t with the Green Party. All we want is the new politics promised so that we can campaign more effectively for the range of socialist objectives outlined by Corbyn in the leadership election. In Telford without us their will be no Momentum because the Blairites have successfully warned new and old Party members to have nothing to do with Momentum. Do you honestly believe that the bullying right wing of the party will go away if you appease them with such concessions? Like sharks who have tasted blood they will not stop until Momentum is completely destroyed as a political force. Your comments have just validated their whispering campaigns and depressed many, like myself, who saw Momentum as potentially a break with the past and the beginning of a progressive movement that could successfully challenge the Tories and the Austerity lie. You are surely aware that campaigning socialists like myself will not work in a movement that seeks to disenfranchise them and is suspicious of their motives. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the way we do politics. You must not succumb to the bullying nasty politics of the rightwing. Have the courage to stand up to their fear tactics. After all, just like in our actions in Syria, Mr Klug maybe fulfilling the enemies desires by conceding to their narrative. In Syria the bombs will lead to more recruits and in the Labour Party your hostility to your friends may lead to the entryism you fear.

Councillor Pat McCarthy
58 King Street
Mob: 07986927282

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