The poppy propaganda…

imageTo paraphrase the Reverend Mark Ireland addressing the Wellington Remembrance service ‘our troops kill people for peace, and are the peacemakers even when they fight in illegal wars’. This is wrong on two fronts, firstly geo political principles alway have and always will trump moral or ethical principles when our politicians sacrifice our troops and massacre civilians. And secondly even some in the military will admit that we created more terrorists than we destroyed in most of the foreign operations. In Iraq the Americans and British built up an Al Qaeda terrorist front where they previously hadn’t any support.
Increasingly Remembrance Day is functioning to promote a comic book notion of War and stopping people from discussing or thinking about it and the consequences of war. Indeed their actions and future actions are expressly blessed by the church. In WW2 over 50 million civilians were killed compared with around 20 million combatants, shouldn’t a few minutes be spent in silence considering the pain of this disproportionate loss? The British Legion used to sell white poppies but now it is seen as unpatriotic and anti British if you don’t wear a red poppy to eulogise our armed forces who after all is said and done are not fighting to defend us but to promote the interests of business and the political establishment.


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