How dare they…

George Evans

The Good and the Great of Wellington with their boundless vision tried to reduce Wellingtonian, George Evans, a courageous 92 year old who has viewed first hand the depths of human depravity during the Second World War, seeing things the rest of us could barely even comprehend at Belsen, as not fit to give a reading on Remembrance Day; something he has done for 25 years. As someone who has represented College Ward on Wellington Town Council for more than 5 years I am well aware of how out of touch the Council and their establishment friends are with ordinary people and their opinions, but this takes the biscuit. The representative of the British Legion, says George has had his time and must go. Presumably because people they have concluded that people these days have no stomach for listening to the authentic experiences of War. These narrow minded, mean spirited people have no right to promote our Town, via the Telegraph, the Independent and the Mail as a jingoistic war mongering backwater and our Mayor, one of the commentators supporting the Legion’s decision, should resign. For those who argue that its up to the Legion to decide who speaks I would agree if it weren’t meant to express sentiments of the whole community. This event is to remember and contemplate war and its consequences. Wars are too important and the casualties too destructive to leave to politicians to deliberate. The Remembrance ceremonies happening throughout our country should be used to allow people to make up their own minds about the legitimacy of taking lives in warfare.


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