The Times are a changing …


It’s been heady times for those who, like me, have been lambasting the Labour Party for years as being nothing more than part of the ruling establishment, working to preserve its privileges and wealth as assiduously, albeit with different mood music, as the Conservative Party. Since Kinnock, Labour has transformed itself into a vote-gathering machine forever triangulating to the most popular position which has meant jettisoning its prime role of leading opinion. The consequence of this has been to allow the tory press to form political views which Labour eventually agrees to. Witness its pre-Corbyn reactionary (in the true sense of the word) stance on immigration. This is a cultural phenomenon and is core to the public’s current cynicism. I’m certain the Parliamentary Labour Party will fight to maintain the old order and prevent Corbyn and the majority of the membership revitalising the party. The abject plight of the Blairite standard holder Liz Kendal during the leadership contest should demonstrate that the Labour membership has finally demonstrated that they are no longer willing to be seen as a Tory-lite alternative to the real thing. This I believe is a real point in history when socialist politics can once again be seen as ‘common sense’ for the majority. Socialists need to seize the moment and support those, especially the new Corbynites in the Labour Party before they, the Labour establishment, sap all their enthusiasm. Momentum, an open coalition of all those who support the socialist agenda outlined by Corbyn in the leadership elections, should be supported by people who put their political views and vision before emotional feelings toward party affiliation. After all politics isn’t about choosing a football team to support. Labour Party members need not worry about entryism as no one is expected to leave their political affiliation at the doorstep but to contribute with their skills and networks to create a movement with real leverage to change society.


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