Exactly whose side are they on? …

Austerity is nothing but a snake oil medicine sold to us by political spivs. Consider these facts; the Coalition have cut public finances by 81 billion over 4 years, so just over 20 billion each year. The treasury misses out on 120 billion each year in tax evasion and avoidance. Why, apart from the Green Party, is nobody screaming from the rooftops that, by taking back what is rightfully ours from those that can easily afford it, not only can we do away with all the pain of these cuts but we could use the rest of the tax dodgers’ funds to invest in our children’s futures? What is so shameful is that the Party who has historically represented the interests of those affected by this hoax i.e the ‘Hard working ” and the “wish we could be hard working” masses, has joined in rather than revealing the facts that would undermine the myth about this crisis. So one is inevitably drawn to the conclusion that the Labour Party prefers to further impoverish the poor than to take on the invested interests of the rich. They are even not prepared, and this is where they make themselves really look pathetic, to defend themselves against Tory lies. They didn’t even challenge the myth that the Labour Party caused the financial crisis in 2008, when of course it was British financial institutions demanding a one trillion pounds plus bailout because they were ‘too big to fail’, that caused this financial meltdown. How is it that the SNP won almost unanimous support in Scotland for a Policy that attacked the need for Austerity as well as many of the Coalition’s myths about the financial crisis? The Labour Party should be ashamed of itself.


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