A Party that only cares for one thing. Can you guess what it is…

Bank Holiday Monday I went to see a great Banner Theatre production about the perilous state of the NHS called ‘In a right state’ sponsored by Shropshire Trades Council. What struck me in the discussion at the end was two things – firstly that there were significant numbers of Labour Party members and secondly how these members, including Katrina Gilman, the Labour Parliamentary candidate, used the venue as a rally to promote their Party prior to the elections. Two months earlier I attended a meeting in Shrewsbury called by Shropshire defend our NHS and about thirty of us attended. We introduced ourselves one by one and any political affiliations we might have and only one person piped up to say that they were a Labour Party member. Immediately after the election we know that they will go AWOL from any campaign to support the NHS. The Labour Party is completely cynical in their political actions, the biggest and best resourced ‘progressive’ political party in the country could only muster one local representative to form a NHS action group. The Greens had four representatives including three prospective candidates and the People First Movement group had four representatives. Continuing with this train of thought I realised that I couldn’t remember any campaigns that the Labour Party had promoted, period. So in conclusion it seems that the old adage that you only see them at election time is absolutely true but is particularly sad when said about the Labour Party who now seem dedicated not to the transforming society to become better, more caring and humane, but is purely an election machine dedicated to promote its candidates and the Party.


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