Who are you voting for …


Is there no end to this man’s talents from town planner to property developer all with the the bottom line in mind? Bill McClements will surely be given a knighthood for services to industry but a massive raspberry from the vulnerable and elderly who should be his first priority. He is transforming our Council into a corporate Council rather than a Co-operative one giving enticements to multinational enterprises such as Nando’s with two months’ free rent (which is obviously needed when you have only squirrelled away tax free £750 million in a Channel Island Trust). About 40 million has already been handed out to these chain restaurants and multiplex cinema in terms of infrastructure investments. They are now going to help out at the luxury end of the housing market by establishing a commercial property arm that only builds affordable rented accommodation for 1/5 of their properties which means that 16,000 Telford residents on the Social housing waiting list need not apply. Alan Sugar eat your heart out, Bill’s ruthless energies to benefit the ‘haves’ at the expense of, for instance, vulnerable adults, who will have another £5 million cut from next year’s budget. He is great at compensating the majority with a freeze on rates i.e the demographic who are most likely to vote. Most vulnerable adults and poor don’t pay council tax or vote and therefore won’t benefit and can be ignored. There are two main Parties representing and promoting the wealthy and business class at our expense and maybe only the People First Party and Greens who don’t?


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