Smoke and Mirrors but its always the same result ….

Our Labour Council’s crocodile tears for those affected by their budgetary cuts would be more credible if they were striving with other Labour Councils to mobilise the millions against this Austerity Hoax. Instead of destroying or cleverly circumventing Government policy this Council is meekly implementing it and degrading local peoples lives in the process as if there is no alternative. Yet to garner public support they are willing to spend millions on electioneering stunts like ‘Community Pride” environmental projects and the Southwater development. I believe a caring principled council would prioritise meeting the needs of the vulnerable. For instance an adult with learning difficulties who is also a wheelchair user contacted me in some distress; his support services have been reduced from 20 hours to 3 for which he pays a Council run care agency £21.00 per hour. This means that, without the support he receives from neighbours, he would essentially be permanently house bound. It seems to me that our financial crisis was created by the financial sector and then gifted to the establishment parties to persuade the population that benefit levels and big government were to blame rather than the banks. The Labour Party , both locally and nationally doesn’t have the political integrity to stand up and say anything that criticises this view and has already promised us more unnecessary misery, by promising, if elected, to adopt the Tory budgetary measures for the first year. Only the Greens and People First Movement dare to challenge this orthodoxy arguing that if we cut Trident, impose a ‘robin hood tax on financial transactions, effectively tax the well off and multinationals, invest in green technologies and legislate for a living wage then there would be no need to cut benefits and services for the majority. So, when the establishment parties say there is no alternative, just tell them that, in that case, you have no alternative but to not vote for them.


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