Another political asset for politicians?


NHS A&E services should be accessible to all

What do MP Daniel Kawczynski, Councillor Kuldip Sahota and Councillor Lee Carter have in common? Answer – they all playing politics at the expense of our health prospects. They all have, for political gain, been demanding that the A&E services remain intact in their respective political territories instead of uniting to create a more powerful voice which says that the NHS is about giving equal service to all irrespective of where they live. What this region needs is a health service that has emergency care capacity at both the RSH and the PRH and this way the people of the region will have reasonably swift access to those provisions. Unlike both Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, I think these decisions about the community’s health should not be ‘clinically led’ but led by what is in our interest, and believe me it should be obvious to all that clinicians often put their own agenda before our interest, just as politicians are prone to do.


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