Labour – When you don’t do politic anymore this is what happens…

‘Now you cannot ignore immigration’ screams the Daily Mail headline after the UKIP successes at Clacton, and Heywood. Thou doth protest too much my little fascist friendly rag, for have you not spearheaded this racist thought-prism that’s now imbedded into our sensibility? Indeed we live in a world where all political dialogue is monopolised by neo-liberal rightwing xenophobic business/media/ political caste. The present maelstrom over an insurgent Ukip is illustrative of this. For now, unlike in previous political eras, their is no alternative narrative to the one created by the media over immigration. Labour who in the past could be relied on, with the Unions, to produce an alternative analysis of the economic and social woes, can be seen now frenetically triangulating to a tougher more masculine stance towards Immigration. How have we come to such a sorry state in British politics? I believe there are various factors involved in this change. One of these factors comes from political and economic forces that have decimated the old extracting and manufacturing communities atomising once proud, communities of hundreds of thousands united by common experiences and culture. Another is the response of the Labour/labour movement to this change. They were integral to these communities until in the 80’s they were seen as a liability to the nascent forces of New Labour and modern trade unionism. So the double whammy of the destruction of working class communities and political disenfranchising has given the establishment , now including the former representatives of the working class, few challenges in dismantling the public sector for private absorption and total control of the political narrative.
So Daily Mail, stop feeling sorry for yourself and pretending that you a vulnerable David against the goliath of the Labour movement – you just sound a bit needy.


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