Politicians or Children – You Choose

At Wellington Town Full Council’s meeting there was a motion proposed by the Conservative group deploring the fact that, whilst 2000 new homes were being ear marked for Wellington, because there is no local plan that allows future housing in locations that have the necessary amenities to cope with the increase in population and traffic, a veritable free for all is allowing greedy speculation to trump community need. In this (as in many cases as well) the Conservatives were completely disingenuous as it is the Conservative’s Communities Minister Eric Pickles who has given the legal green light to property developers to build on our green spaces without regard to local sensibilities. However, the motion could have given Wellington Town Council a principled platform to engage with local residents and the Borough Council in opposing future development until an acceptable plan was finalised. Yet this sensible and fair motion was defeated by the ruling Labour group simply because it was delivered by the Conservatives. The Labour group should know (should being the operative word) that Wellington people feel disenfranchised from decisions affecting their town and that there only hope is that their representatives champion their rights.
This illustrates how pathetic and unprincipled local politics is and describes eloquently the childish machinations of todays politicians in general.


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