What a plonker…

The right wing UKIP supporting Shropshire Star feature writer Nigel Hastilow surpasses himself in his latest Goebbels-esque article attacking benefit scroungers.
As usual no facts, no context, but plenty of the usual pub gossip and hearsay. His friend told him about…You get the picture. All to feed peoples’ prejudice about the undeserving poor, and tar all the victims of the bankers greed with the same brush. I know that he is the sort of writer who is convinced of his own genius, and I’m sorry to burst his bubble, but consider for a minute the following Government statistics: £3.4 billion benefits fraud 2010/11 compared with £14 billion unclaimed benefits. Now compare this with Inland Revenue’s estimate that in the financial year 2011/12 there was £70 billion tax evasion, £25 billion tax avoidance, £25 billion unpaid tax. Context and evidence is everything in the creation of knowledge. Everything else is propaganda.


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