Machiavelli has nothing on this lot …

It’s interesting reading those political commentators who discuss the fortunes of the main players in our Parliamentary democracy. To a person they discuss political strategies that the various political brands should or could adopt in support of the ultimate reward of power. Never do you hear discussions that are lead by a positive vision or ideals and how best to pursue their implementation. Both pundits and the political protagonists now deal with us the public as customers whose desires and wishes have to be mined so they can position their political products, none see themselves and their ideas as agents in creating our political culture.
Their game playing can get confusing even to themselves. Take for example the soul searching that is currently on view within all the established parties as they try to deal with a rampant UKIP. Even Labour politicians such as Jacqui Smith have, in commenting on the recent controversial UKIP posters campaign, admitted that “some of the sentiments in the UKIP poster reflected Labour policy”. This is the tangled web of triangulation. In dealing with the threat posed by UKIP these Parties are trying to have their cake and eat it. All have busied themselves tempting millions of the electorate into their camp on the basis that they are a safe home for their bigotry but are then wanting the same electorate to reject a party where bigotry runs through them like Brighton Rock. Is it a surprise that UKIP have been tipped to come first in the forthcoming Euro elections when all the establishment Parties have been so obliging about promoting fear and loathing of immigrants and immigration?
The game players are now hoisted by their own grubby petard.


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