Local Press gives UKIP’s Dennis Allen his sixpenny worth

Dennis Allen’s latest rant restating his UKIP position as our pre-eminent local climate change denier can only be compared to the holocaust equivalent and we should be equally disgusted. Of 2000 peer reviewed papers a recent review found that only 3% were in Dennis’s camp which is remarkable when you consider the amount of resources being used daily by oil business interests to buy loyalty to the deniers’ cause. 97% of scientists holding the view that man made climate change is having a severe effect are putting their principles before business contracts. Those in the deniers’ corner look very similar to those who seek to deny the horrors of Auschwitz and Belsen despite the mountains of evidence that contradict them. Allen says that since1998 there has been a decrease in global mean temperature – a fact which is itself deliberately misleading. 1998 was an exceptional year as Allen deliberately fails to mention. An El Niño event caused an extraordinary spike in temperature and yet by 2012 there was no statistical difference between this exceptionally hot year and today, proving that warming has continued unabated. This UKIP councillor has a history of representing views in a way that is meant to get the burning torches and pitch forks out. It was his Party, remember, that suggested that there would be 1.5 million new immigrants coming from Hungary and Bulgaria when the immigration barriers were removed in January. The reality which Allen and his like will never tell you, and your readers should please check this for themselves, is that this invasion never happened and in fact there has been no increase at all since the changes were introduced. People like Mr Allen are driven not by concern for humanity but by a nasty ideology that dehumanises and promotes profits before people.


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