How long ‘Our NHS’

The other day I went to the doctor to get something done about my chronic indigestion. He sent me away to get a self diagnosis kit which I had to pay for. My initial thought was how far we have come from a National Health Service free at the point of delivery where not only am I paying for the medical equipment but I’m also providing the service!
I have always considered that prescription charges were the ‘thin end of the wedge’. Rationing and waiting times obviously incentivise people with cash to go private, we are charged for parking at hospitals and now its being ‘kite flown’ that we pay a set fee of £10 for use of our ‘Free at the point of delivery’ service. We are coming to the thicker end of the wedge. We know the Tories have always hated the NHS and what it represents and we, as the consumers of our beloved NHS, have got to get over the unpleasant fact that there is no established political party that appears to want to stop this escalating privatisation. It’s up to us to stop this and stop it we must for ourselves and future generations.


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