UK War Crimes …

£80 billion has been spent on bankers bonuses since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. This Government is fighting tooth and nail to defend bonuses and protect them from EEC caps. This Government is also fighting against the increasing European support for a ‘Robin Hood’ tax on some of the casino type activities of the financial institutions which would raise £25 billion. There are 5500 people suffering from malnutrition in the UK – nearly double the number for 2008. There has been a record number of evictions and a record number of Ferrari sales. 900,000 people have been forced under the very basic safety net of benefits when their claim is suspended and the RNIB has details of loads of cases where peoples benefit has been stopped because the DWP failed to send out warning letters in braille or large print.
This is warfare not welfare and attacking the innocent is considered a war crime. Iain Duncan Smith Secretary for State for Works and Pensions I accuse …


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