‘Do your dirty work for you, Mr Osborne? No problem’ says finance chief

On 29th January Telford and Wrekin Council explained to an audience of around 40 ordinary punters (not including the round 60 organisers, Councillors and Council staff) how adult care provisions were going to take a £10.5 million cut. Wellington Cotage Cares is one of those provisions that could be badly affected. My father and mother were beneficiaries of this excellent service for two years. My father’s dementia called for specialised care and the Cottage Care nursing staff rose to the challenge with great credit. This also gave my mother some time to look after her own needs which she always put second to those of other family members. If this sort of care is only available to those who can afford it I question the values of Councillors like Bill McClements who talked with pride about the £25 million of Council money put down as a honey pot for the hundreds of million pounds going into the Town Centre investment. 
Bill and the other Labour Councillors know only too well that the likes of my late father, children and vulnerable adults aren’t likely to be turning up at consultations to voice their views. The reason that so few people attended was because Telford people already knew the budget was a done deal. I know that if the people in Wellington, Dawley, Oakengates and Madeley were asked whether the Council should be investing in what might turn out in any case to be a monstrous white elephant. They would prioritise investing in their lives and environments over a project which sucks income out of their district centres.


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