Press Statement

The new People First Party had a very successful relaunch last Thursday. The Party proclaimed that they are not part of the existing political structures that have failed to represent local people and their aspirations and say that they will bring a fresh approach to local political debates and campaigns.
In the past People First Party has been the only party to argue against a zero increase in council tax if that means that vulnerable members of the community will be less safe and have fewer opportunities in their lives. At the meeting they looked at what demands local people felt weren’t being met and, amongst many issues discussed, agreed that the problem of litter in the borough urgently needs addressing. Plans were made to launch a campaign regarding the litter problem in the Wellington area. The Party has also adopted two new candidates for next year’s local elections. The next meeting will be held at King Street Cafe, Wellington on Wednesday 5th February at 7pm. For further information please contact Pat on: 07986927282


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