Left Unity – Haven’t we heard this before?

A reply I gave to the Left Unity list of principles on their web site:
One has to ask why this year’s new improved socialist party would fare any differently than all its previous manifestation. The success of the Russell Brand rant at Paxman was down to the presentation which sounded fresh, honest and from the heart. There was nothing in your presentation of Unity Principle that differed from the umpteen previous attempts to garner electoral success from Trot like coalitions. Apart from the usual suspects, who do you think will be attracted to propositions that could have been written 100 years ago when, for instance, Class was experienced in a self conscious way by millions? We have to express ourselves in a different way or we will get the same vacant responses.
A few of us in sunny Telford have set up a Party called ‘People First Party’ which is anti Capitalist but, whilst explaining the contradictions and inhumanity exhibited by establishment parties, strives to win practical local struggles thus demonstrating left politics can work for people.


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