New Labour – If only it were true

This summer saw Ed Milliband and Ed Balls agree to accept Osborne’s Austerity framework thus immediately denying all the alternatives to this constructed concept.

The wealthy see the financial crisis that they caused as an opportunity to further extract income from the 90% of us and weaken further any social leverage we still had. Labour should have been equally opportunistic and campaigned to reshape public and private expenditure to benefit the majority and not the class who created this burden of private and public debt. Why isn’t the Labour Party campaigning to ‘Squeeze the rich until the pips squeak”? Why arent they insisting that we stop spending billions on weapons that cannot be used and are under the control of the American Government or aircraft carriers that can only be used in an offensive wars ?

When are the left going to get it? The Labour Party is institutionally reactionary and part of the establishment. They are the justification that we live in a pluralist democracy rather than the oligarchy that is nearer the truth. Parliamentary pantomimes are played out and the likes of Tony Benn and Owen Jones are singing along. The time is right to see and proclaim that the Labour Party is part of the problem not the solution and we need to build an effective democratic progressive alternative now.


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